Ancient Olympia

Is one of the leading archeolo-gical site in Greece. It is a natural beauty spot between two rivers, the Alpheios and the Kladeos.

Olympia was never a town. It was simply a locality where, from the year 776 B.C. to 393 A.D., the Olympic Games were held every four years, in honor of the god Zeus.


In order to ensure the dander – free movement of athletes and spectators – pilgrims to the Olympia Sanctuary, and the smooth conduct of the games, the Sacred Truce was declared, whereby all hostilities between Greek city – states were suspended for a month. The visitor of Olympia today can obtain a foily good impression of what the place looked like, especially if the model of the entire lay-out, which is in the museum on the spot is consulted.


One can see the remains of the gymnasium and the wrestling arena, sculptor Pheidias workshop, the temple of goddess Hera, the temple of Zeus built in the Doric style in the 5th c. B.C.  The visitor will go through the arched conduit to the stadium which could seat 45.000 spectators. The museum contains the famous statue of Hermes (the god Mercury) by Praxiteles, pieces of the freeze from the temple of Zeus and other finds.