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Package Delivery & Courier Services

Every day, we transport essential materials and documents between businesses, hospitals, airports and individuals. We are experts, and we have taxicabs stationed all over the county. It is likely that there is a cab within 1/2 mile of your package right now.

Airport shuttle service

We offer Expedited Airport return rervice. When you arrive, please collect your luggage, then call us and we will provide you with a taxi number and terminal location for your quick pick up. Once you have received your location and taxi number, it is important that you wait for your specific vehicle to arrive.

Taxi drivers

Information for taxi drivers, including how to become a taxi driver, driver agreement, dispute resolution, safety, learning and development. Our computer dispatch system matches the closest available cab with your pick up address, ensuring the fastest response time possible. Most of our taxis are equipped with digital cameras, which record events inside the taxi for an added sense of security for both passenger and driver.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges for commercial passenger vehicle licences, driver accreditation and driving instructor authorities.

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